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Black and White Panoramas

Black and White Panoramic Landscape Images

My own Photographs – Series of 5 Dramatic Black and White Landscape images from the north of Norway

Prints and Hires Downloads of these images are available by request.
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Shot on 35mm film. With a Hasselblad Xpan, rangefinder panoramic camera.


Lofoten – Norway

My last trip to Norway I took some snaps up north in Lofoten.

Lofoten is in the Arctic circle and is an archipelago. The landscape up there is damn impressive.
It is known for its fishing of Cod and has been a whaling port in the past.
Check out the field of dried Cod heads on the 2nd image, creepy but cool.


Bali Monkeys

Balinese Monkeys

My last trip to bali i snapped some Monkeys just hanging out at a very picturesque tourist spot – thought the shots were quite cute so I will share them.