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Grain Layer Technique

Making an editable Photoshop Grain layer

When mimicking film grains and adding the final grade to your images there are many grain and texture emulators out there. 
But ‘Alas, you don’t need them if you know the right techniques.
A simple technique to add an ‘editable’ film grain is laid out step-by-step for you below.

Editable Grain Layer:-


    • Make new layer


    • Fill with 50% black (Edit> Fill> 50% Black)


    • Set layer mode to Soft Light


    • Convert layer to Smart Object (ctrl click layer)


    • Filter> Add noise (20% – Can edit value later)


    • Filter> Gaussian blur (0.25 pixels – Can edit value later)



Bali Monkeys

Balinese Monkeys

My last trip to bali i snapped some Monkeys just hanging out at a very picturesque tourist spot – thought the shots were quite cute so I will share them.