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Web Design / Branding –

Web Design / Branding / Social Design – Sporple
People of Sport  -  Launched October 2013

As creative director I have implemented all graphics and have full creative control over the site, as well as its ongoing social and media campaigns.

Sporple is a social sports networking website that will change the way aspiring and sporting professionals connect.

Grant Keats: Creative Director
Liam Holmes: COO
Mathew Cole: CEO
Brett Craig: CFO



Retouching – Elle magazine

Retouching – ELLE Magazine

International Beauty Series
September 2013

This Beauty campaign will run across nearly all of Elles International Magazines which runs in 43 different countries.

Photographer: Morten Qvale

Bea1Bea4 (more…)

App Design / Branding – FLIXY

Design / App –  FLIXY

App function – To find cheap movie deals quickly 

Flixy was produced around the idea of finding cheap movie deals.
After a quick location search, Flixy then gave results on available movie deals in your area, then the user could order tickets directly off of the app.


Retouching – Henne Magazine Norway

Retouching – Henne Magazine
Bathing suit series
June 2013

Photographer: Morten Qvale



Retouching – ELLE Magazine Norway

Retouching – ELLE Magazine / Morten Qvale Portfolio pictures
June 2013

Photographer: Morten Qvale
Model: Klara Wester



Graphic creation for Norwegian recording Artist – Hilda

Norwegian Music Artist – Hilda
April 2013

Asked to create original background scenes for studio shots of the recording artist Hilda. Photos were for album art and promotional material.
Creative direction was to be based around a route 66 theme.

Artist: Hilda




App Design – Inside Running Recruitment

App Design

Teamed up with Digital producer/Director friend Liam Holmes to produce a 1 off app for the sports recruitment company Inside Running.

The app is designed around the idea of Rugby players searching for available positions world wide within the rugby-sphere. A design was based around keeping an element of playfulness within the app itself while also keeping inline with Inside Runnings corporate style. Once signed in, players get to select there desired position off a rugby field, then move forward and view the available positions and different clubs on offer. Then the Inside Running agents can contact the players directly through the apps database.

Client: Inside Running




Web Design – Villa Välkommen

Web Design

Original website custom built for a beautiful Bed & Breakfast in the south of Sweden.
A fresh design with a relaxed, fun and friendly feel. Owners Chrickan and Lennart were looking for a website that portayed the families kind heartedness, and that also set a scene for the gorgeous location of Mölle.

Client: Villa Välkommen  -




Retouching – SYNSAM

Retouching – SYNSAM
MAY 2013

Summer catalogue and press image for SYNSAM. Used across print and online media.
Photo-shoot took place in LA, hollywood hills.

: Morten Qvale



Retouching – Ricco Vero Summer/Spring

Retouching – Ricco Vero
Summer/Spring Catalogue and print/online media
March 2013

Photographer: Morten Qvale



Henne Magazine

Henne Magazine Norway
January 2013

Working once again with the Oslo based photographer Morten Qvale on this pastel flavoured feature

Photography: Morten Qvale



Henne Magazine Cover

Henne Magazine Norway
December 2012

Retouching for Henne Cover

Photography: Morten Qvale



Kamille Magazine

Kamille Magazine Norway
Retouching Fashion series
Beautiful shots by Truls-Morten Qvale – 2012 Autumn

Photography: Truls-Morten Qvale




Bik Bok

Bik Bok
Retouching on Thomas Qvales Fashion Photographs
Bik Bok Instore Campaign – 2012 Autumn

Photography: Thomas Qvale
Bik Bok Norway



Elle Magazine Norway – September Feature

Retouching on Morten Qvales Photographs for Elle Magazine
B/W Feature of Taylor Marie Hill – Elle Magazine, September 2012 – Norway

Photography: Morten Qvale
Elle Magazine Norway


Elle Cover – September 2012 Issue / Norway

Elle Cover September 2012 – Norway

Commissioned for retouching on the latest Elle magazine Cover image.

Photography: Morten Qvale
For: Elle Magazine Norway